Welcome to Interior Design Therapy

by DMY Studio on October 4, 2013

Would you like to embrace life with functional, practical and dignified interiors?

Welcome to Interior Design Therapy – an Interior Design and Lifestyle blog that focuses on Interiors, designs, creativity and life.

I am Beppie, an Interior Designer with Living Design Interiors, based in San Diego, in sunny Southern California, where we focus on Designs that YOU can live in. We believe in sustainability, re-purposing and eco-friendly designs while Designing for the New Age – providing alternative design solutions so that our homes become universally friendly, accessible and usable.

We believe in great design and life well lived. We believe homes should be functional, practical and beautiful. We believe our homes should provide us with a haven and a safe and dignified retreat to come home to after a long day at work. We believe in healthy lifestyles, timeless design and a space that is totally livable.

Our goal is to share our holistic approach as we integrate interior design with architectural elements, furnishings, materials and art.

We hope you’ll visit us regularly as we share the world of design, art and architecture, not to mention, lifestyles and What’s Hot and what’s not!.

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