Table Settings

by Beppie Mostert on December 19, 2013

I love hosting a dinner party and thoroughly enjoy the setting of the table. My favorite table setting is the one that looks good while also is easy to put together.

Table linens is a great place to start – the table cloth with matching napkins is the foundation for any table setting and from there we start to layer. The napkin ring, if you’re using one, is a great way to bring in the season and while your linens might never change, the napkin holder and other decor will play a major role in defining the event and season.

Traditional table settings will have dishes and stemware that matches, however, I enjoy mixing it up a little so that the dishes are mixed and will be matched according to the actual menu items that I will serve on them. Each menu item deserves its own plate and can be complimented with the stemware appropriate for the wine or beverage that you will be pairing with it.

The center piece is important and can help set the mood. Try using something striking that is not tall – don’t you just dislike it when you have to talk ‘around’ the flowers or center piece to the person sitting opposite you. I try to keep my center pieces about 6-8″ at its maximum and tend to spread it out so that everyone at the table can appreciate the decor.

Of course, let’s not forget the lighting – dim the overheads and add (non fragrant) candles. These can be in traditional candle holders or in a less traditional setting. You could use votives, bowls, vases or other holders that emphasize the setting and mood.

Lastly, I add florals – these might be something from your garden or a more elaborate arrangement from your favorite florist – again, a reminder, to keep these low so that conversation continues uninterrupted.


Christmas table idea in blue

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