Countdown to Christmas – Day 2

by Beppie Mostert on December 3, 2013

Christmas tree lights maketh the tree!

Now that you have your tree…… let’s talk lights!

There is a lot of talk about what is the best light for the tree. While incandescent are still freely available, they are no longer the better light and certainly not the least expensive to run. LED’s are simply the better value…..

A number of years ago, when LED Holiday lights first appeared, many homeowners were disappointed that these lights had a cool blue-ish hue and had a tendency to flicker. These issue (and more) have been addressed with the advances in technology, resulting in a better and more beneficial light alternative.

While still more expensive than the regular incandescent as an initial purchase, LED’s have a number of money-saving benefits. LED’s have energy-saving benefits and last a lot longer than incandescent lights. Businesses and cities (and now more homeowners) across the nation are using LED’s in their décor. The tree at Rockefeller Center as well as the Christmas tree located at the Capitol have converted to LED lights.

And their pricing is steadily coming down.

While we can head on over to Target, Lowes and other big box stores for these lights, consider visiting a specialty store for your LED lights. The quality is superior, advice and service is outstanding and you will have lights that will last for many years to come.

Warm glow LED lights

Warm glow LED lights

Some of the benefits of LED lights include:

  • Cool Bulbs – you have felt an incandescent – they burn hot. LED’s generate very little heat and as a result you will not burn yourself when you touch them.
  • LED’s have versatility in their color. Color is achieved by the diode in the bulb generating the light of a wavelength of a certain color. Incandescent only create one color and color change is achieved by changing the color of the bulb that covers the filament. When we compare, the colors of an LED is far superior to the colors of incandescent.
  • Lower Energy Requirement – the difference between an LED and incandescent is substantial. LED’s uses up to 90% less energy, greatly reducing your energy bill. In addition, because of this low usage, you can have longer strings of lights with fewer extension cables.
  • LED’s have a far longer lifespan than incandescent. One LED will give you anything from 25,000 to 75,000 hours of light. An incandescent runs at about 1000-2000 hours of light. Hardly a comparison!
    .Warm Glow Champagne LED Bulb

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