Colors for Your Home – part 2

by Beppie Mostert on April 7, 2014

Just this past week a client called acknowledging that selecting the colors for her home is not only a challenge but also a headache – she has no idea what works and needs help. So to continue on our theme of COLOR, here are some more tips:

Tip # 6
Colors need to be tested – place a color swatch on each wall of the room, close to furniture, next to a window, through a corner.See what happened when the light changes from day to night and from natural light to artificial light.

Tip # 7
When you go to the store to select color swatches, take an object with you – something like a piece of fabric, perhaps a pillows or even a small accessory. Art work works too as do photographs. It helps to narrow down the selection of colors.

Tip # 8
Look outdoors for inspiration – nature is filled with awesome hues and tones of glorious color. You’ll see everything from the earthy natural color through to the vibrant reds and blues. Greens, yellows, blues and reds feature everywhere outdoors.

Tip # 9
Paint stores are very helpful – if you really like a color but you think you’d like it darker, then ask them to mix at 50% tint so that you can check it out

 Tip # 10
Remember that particular color that you love? It might be too strong or bold for the walls, however using it as an accent would be ideal. A throw or accent pillows or even a few accessories allows you to use just enough to make a statement in an otherwise calm room. And the beauty of it is that it’s changeable at no/low cost from one season to the next.

A Reminder!
Use the best quality paint you can afford – these paint provide excellent finishes and top quality pigments that will have the color last for years

Color Consultant and Interior Designer, Beppie Mostert at Living Design Interiors enjoys the process of working with her clients to provide color solutions for their home’s interiors


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