Choosing Color for your Interiors

by Beppie Mostert on March 25, 2014

Color Choices

With so many colors available and so many color combinations to select from, it’s often a challenge to decide on the right color, the perfect hue and the correct tones to work with your interiors.
Let’s get started with a few easy to follow tips:

Tip # 1
Start with a color that you particular like or especially love. It doesn’t have to be the latest ‘hot’ color, the color of the year or a trendy color. What matters the most is that it’s a color you are most comfortable with and enjoy.

Tip # 2
Selecting colors that are close together on the color wheel will calm the space and become tranquil. These analogous colors are found anywhere on the color wheel – they just need to be close together. Selecting complimentary colors from opposite sides of the color wheel are more dramatic, make a bolder statement and make for great accents.

Tip # 3
Strong colors, bold colors should be blended and coordinated with other elements in the room, including the ceiling, trim and moldings, flooring, furniture and accent pieces.

Tip # 4
Strong colors are great and usually ideal for smaller rooms that are less used, such as guest rooms, powder rooms and a home library.

Finally, Tip # 5
Using a couple of colors in a few rooms helps with the flow from one space to the other and provides a cohesive look and feel. It will ‘tie’ all the spaces together. A great example is using an accent wall color in the furnishings of an adjacent room.


Color Consultant and Interior Designer, Beppie Mostert at Living Design Interiors enjoys the process of working with her clients to provide color solutions for their home’s interiors.

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