Beautiful Handmade Christmas Stockings

by Beppie Mostert on December 13, 2013

Christmas Stockings – handcrafted and unique

Growing up, we enjoyed the many traditional and joyful elements of Christmas, especially the traditional Christmas stocking.  The nostalgia, vibrant colors and elegance of the Christmas stocking was an integral part of decking the halls and no Christmas was complete unless the stocking had been hung at the fireplace – because that’s where it belonged.


As a result of the memories and the nostalgia of Christmas, Stockings by Design ( )    has designed and handmade beautiful Christmas stockings
that add to the beautiful splash of color and nostalgia.
These stockings are individual – no two are the same, so you’re guaranteed a unique,
one of a kind Christmas stocking.

Using luxurious fabrics and exquisite trims, these stockings have been meticulously fabricated
to provide a stocking that will last for years and will provide the elegant décor
that a fireplace rightly deserves.

A percentile of all stockings sold is donated to a children’s charity every year,
making these stockings all the more attractive.

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