Advent Calendar 2013 – Countdown to Christmas

by Beppie Mostert on December 1, 2013



Christmas is so much more like Christmas when you have a tree!

In our family selecting a tree is a family event. We have our favorite tree variety, a size and shape we’re comfortable with and our favorite place to purchase the tree.

The question remains, which variety is right for you and what do you look for in a tree!

Many of our local suppliers of pre-cut trees have Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, and my personal favorite, the Noble Fir on their lots.

What size tree should I get?

Selecting the perfect tree for your home is determined largely by your needs and the tree’s eventual location in your home. When you know where you’ll be placing your masterpiece, you will be able to determine the height of the tree and whether the entire girth of the tree will be visible for display.

How do I work out the ideal height of my tree?

To determine the height you need to look for, check your ceiling height and through a process of deductions and additions, you’ll get to the ideal height.

So let’s say you have a 9ft ceiling:

  1. Deduct 1½ ft for the tree topper
  2. And deduct another ½ft for the stand.
  3. If you’re placing the tree on a table or stand, deduct the height of that as well.
  4. Add ½ft for the piece you’ll be removing from the bottom of the tree

Viola! You are now left with 7½ft, the ideal height of the tree you need to purchase.

Your final decision is whether you want a bulky tree or something a little more slender and this is where a good search through the Christmas Tree lot (and a helpful sales clerk) can produce the beauty you’re looking for.

Fraser Fir                      Noble Fir                     Douglas Fir

Check for freshness –
When cutting your own, you’ll know the tree is fresh! However, when buying a pre-cut tree you need to examine the tree:

  • The needles need to be resilient and the needles should not fall into your hand when you take hold of the branches.
  • Needles should be flexible and when you bump the base of the tree against the ground, the outer needles should not fall.
  • The tree needs to be fragrant and have retained its fresh green color.
  • Check that the limbs are strong enough to hold your decorations.

As soon as you get it home, trim the base (if it hasn’t been done for you at the lot) and place it in its stand of water. Let the tree acclimatize for a day or so and let it soak up as much water as possible before you start decorating it.

VIOLA! Let the decorating begin!

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